When the ThirdLine's team sat down to design the next generation of conveyors we realised that a new design description was needed. One that does take into account everything we had learnt about conveyors over the years. What in the design that can be improved and what the market is looking for in a modern conveyor. What we came up with was going to be the trade mark for our conveyors in to the future. Here is a list of our design description that all our conveyors will follow.


  • The conveyors have to have the highest standard of safety and go one step

       further than the local and export markets safety standard requires.


  • The conveyors have to be robust but still have a sleek and modern in design.

  • The conveyors have to be easy to assemble and with no visual welds.

      No special skills of tradesmen should be required to make the conveyors.
      All the technology should be in the design itself. Only an ordinary toolbox
      should be required to assemble the conveyor.

  • The conveyors need to be easy to clean with a minimum of horizontal surfaces.

  • The conveyors need to be easy to customize and be fully modular.

  • Conveyors with belt has to be positively tracked to avoid the belt to

      miss-track and rub on any parts of the conveyor structure, regardless if the 
      conveyor is installed at level or not or conveyed product pushes the belt to   
      one side or the other. Or if any product residue builds-up on to the pulleys.

  • The conveyors have to be virtually maintenance free.



After two years of R&D works and prototypes in operation are we now happy to bring to market the next generation of Belt conveyors, Plastic modular belt conveyorsRoller conveyors , Slat chain conveyors and pallet handling conveyors.

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