Design in 3D and 2D packages


ThirLine is delivering powerful consulting services in production, project management and design.

A full range of newly developed conveyors using the latest technology.
Business Development

We have over 25 years’ experience in how to build a business.

If you feel like you could do with some fresh ideas how to improve profitability and enjoyment in your business please get in contact. We will give you a free first consultation and a quote.



Project Management

Big or small project on any level of engagement is our speciality.

If your project is in the material handling field then WE are most likely your best bet. Please give us a call and we will do a presentation for you


Having built and develop several manufacturing businesses over the years as well as being in the material handling industry, we feel well equipped to give good ideas to how to set up your production facility or just improve on the one you have. Please get in contact and we can have a talk, no charge.


Our team has many years’ experience in machine design. We get motivated and energised on unique and innovative design but are as happy to improve on your existing concepts as well. If it has anything to do with material handling than it will be right down our alley. Please give us a call; we love to talk design, new or old.